Emke Idema wins Joop Mulder Price 2019


For the work in progress of their new game FOREST, Emke and her team received the Joop Mulder Price 2019. This price is handed out by Oerol Festival every year, to a ‘talented pioneer’.

On Oerol Festival 2019, Emke tested a first game structure of FOREST with an audience. The jury: 
‘FOREST is a science fiction game that greatly appeals to the imagination. We are impressed by this strong first sketch of the project.’

Emke: ‘I feel honoured and I am very happy with this recognition of my work. The making of this game is complex and takes a lot of time. This is a great incentive to continue steadily.’ 

In 2020 FOREST will be developed further. It will premiere at Oerol and appear on several summer festivals. If you want to know if FOREST can be played in your neighbourhood, please check the Agenda. Our touring schedule will be completed in the coming months.