Being Here For You


Coming week, Emke will be on the island op Terschelling to take part in ‘Being Here For You.’ This is what she writes about it herself:

‘This week, I will be on the island of Terschelling, taking part in an exciting experiment. I will be the instrument for another artist, who is not there, to make a site specific work. I will be her eyes, her perception, her movement, her hands. Naja Lee Jensen (Norway) will be present through me. I don’t know yet how it will work.

I am thinking of my ‘instrument’, my body, my eyes, my ears, my nose, my skin, my thoughts, my sixth sense. How can I calibrate myself to be fully there for Naja?’

The concept and protocols of ‘Being Here For You’ are made by Rita Hoofwijk (Ams/Bxl) and Hannah Loewenthal (SA). I am their guest.’

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