FOREST and the coronavirus


Due to the ban on meetings and events because of the coronavirus, FOREST is postponed until further notice. 
Already for one and a half year, we are working on this project and we regret the cancellations of the work.

Simultaneously, something peculiar is going on: the past one and a half years, we have been working on a fictional situation that is similar to the one we are in now. A social structure that collapses, because mutations have been taking place in one species – in the case of FOREST that is the tree – that make them a threat to humanity. We, as humans, are forced to adapt to nature, instead of adapting nature to our wishes. How do we do that? Which habits have to change and how? How will our perception change with our environment? But also: who do you become in a reality in which you are not in control? What social mechinisms are surfacing? 

No one knows where the situation we are in will take us. We rediscover that the world is not only our construct. We wish everybody all the best and keep you posted.