A lifesize board game for grown ups

You are on the threshold of the age of the tree, the Dendrocene. 
The world as you know it is behind you. In front of you is a world with a different connectivity. 
In order to enter the Dendrocene, you only need to be ready. You can’t just leave yourself and your notions of the old world behind you.
What you can leave behind though is the fear of doing so. 

FOREST is a board game and an audio play in one. It will take you to an other world, in which traditional relationships will be shaken.

After the Great Change, a big event in the history of mankind, the Tree is canonized world wide. This means that felling or even damaging trees has become murder. The world will quickly be wooded and this will have enormous consequenses for our way of living. With playing cards, game rules and audio clips in your hand, and nine co-players on your side, you will enter the gameworld. Will you succeed in building a new world order together?

Length: 2 hours

FOREST is made in co-production with STRP and Amsterdamse Bos and made the first steps in the residency programms of Oerol and Over het IJ Festival. The project is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Bank Giro Loterij Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds en BNG Cultuurfonds.



05/09/2020 -

FOREST | Amsterdamse Bostheater, Amsterdam (NL)

12/09/2020 -

FOREST | Grand Theatre, Groningen (NL)


10/07/2020 -

FOREST | Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam (NL)- canceled

12/06/2020 -

FOREST | Oerol Festival Terschelling (NL)- canceled

21/05/2020 -

FOREST | Hoogte 80, Arnhem (NL) - canceled


FOREST | Amsterdamse Bostheater, Amsterdam (NL) - canceled


FOREST | Amsterdamse Bostheater, Amsterdam (NL) - canceled

12/04/2020 -

FOREST | Amsterdamse Bostheater, Amsterdam (NL) - canceled

  • Concept and text Emke Idema | Produced by Stichting Stranger &. Heelal BV | Dramaturgy Guido Jansen, Hella Godee | Audio design Arnoud Traa | Physical design game Judith Hofland | Production manager José Schuringa | App Sylvain Vriens | Technical production Lex Caboort & Brok decor | Illustration poster image Micha Huigen | PR & marketing Henriëtte Olland (Heelal BV)

  • Idema kan inmiddels glimlachen om het onvoorziene profetische karakter van haar Forest: ‘Dat noemen we toch de voelsprieten van de kunstenaar?’


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