The ‘Transitiebureau’


Since March 2014, Emke Idema is part of the ‘Transitiebureau’. The ‘Transitiebureau’ is an initiative in which thinkers and makers from the performing arts field come together and examine the question ‘what role does and should art play in the 21st century in our society?’ Starting from the expertise from performing arts, the ‘Transitiebureau’ creates links and makes relations with other fields. The ‘Transitiebureau’ does neither express itself in a fixed form, nor on a fixed place, but can appear as a lecture, conversation, publication, exposition, theatrical manifestation or art object.

Together with the AHK and Theater Frascati, the ‘Transitiebureau’ organized ‘Radio Futura’, three weeks of non stop action radio about art and the world, made Installation #1, with quotes on the position of arts in our society, and organizes the monthly discussion platform ‘The Agenda’, on the future of the Dutch performing arts field.

At this moment, the ‘Transitiebureau’ is formed by: Simon van den Berg, Anne Breure, Marijke Hoogenboom, Emke Idema, Anoek Nuyens and Lara Staal.